On time, On Budget and to specifications

‘Robotat Software’ provides innovative solutions and first-class custom development services including enterprise web, desktop, microcontroller and mobile solutions. We apply professional knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to ensure the effective management and quality assurance of software projects. Over the past years, Robotat’ developers and knowledgeable consultants have helped many companies and organizations to successfully implement their solutions, maximize the value of the investment, and address critical business needs.

Our Teams, Your Teams

Robotat’ software groups are teams of analysts, architects, front-end developers and hardcore engineers providing efficient, robust and cost-effective software solutions for companies and organizations across the globe. Robotat teams provide a range of ‘fit-for-purpose’ services to meet specific company requirements, and have a track record of delivering many robust software solutions successfully, Robotat managed teams have also collaborated with cross-functional teams, supported short-staffed or under-skilled teams, saved over budget or behind deadline projects and delivered high quality software releases on time and on budget.


Robotat Software is specialized in building innovative software and robotics solutions for complex business problems. We provide a wide range of services, including Custom software design and development, off-the-shelf packaged software customization, 3'rd party integration, software maintenance, software design and engineering services.

Our Approach

Robotat Software development processes ensure the maximum possible quality, the excellence of service and the highest customer satisfaction. We apply proven agile practices with design thinking to ensure that the customer remains the central focus during the product development lifecycle. Scrum is our preferred agile methodology, which is an incremental and iterative approach to software project management. It provides the best mix of visibility and control while also allowing flexibility in the software production process, factors that make it ideal to manage enterprise software development.


Enterprise Advertising Systems.
Banking and Payment Gateways.
Travel Business Solutions.
Ecommerce & Online Shopping Solutions
Microcontroller solutions.
Accounting systems.
Content Management Systems.
Time Attendance & payroll systems.
(P. O. S.) Point of sales systems.
News, Media & conferences Portals.


We have plenty of clients from the government, public sector, non-profit organizations, universities and private sectors. As a part of our commitment and business policy, we don’t publicly reveal the names of our clients, however, we provide a list of live references for each of the above solutions upon request.