Our Story

Following cooperative research efforts by ROBOTAT’ founders dating back to 2010, the company was created with the goal of providing integrated robotics and information technology services that aims to reduce the human efforts and to provide the quality of life that every human deserves. Today, ROBOTAT is developing enterprise software and robotics technology solutions in the fields of health care and human support like elderly care and entertainment in addition to significant research in the robot-supported surgical interventions and more.

Robotat Vision

To help people enjoy a modern life. To earn Global admiration in Software development, Robotics and technology services by delivering eminent Solutions.


To employ Software, robotics and technology in enhancing the human quality of life, especially in the fields of education, health care and development.. ROBOTAT is best defined as youthful, ambitious, amiable and passionate. Regardless to mention, it inherits its qualities from its people who have a strong drive to excel, to deliver high quality work on time thus bring value to clients and have fun along the way. After all, the fact is the ROBOTAT's success is based on their skills and commitment. We always remember that, it is our people who deliver what client needs.